PT201 Pro Tools Audio Production I Course, Part 2 of 2

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Avid Pro Tools 201 Operator Certification Advanced Course 

PT201 Pro Tools Audio Production I, Part 2 of 2

- 5 Hours of Sessions with Certified Instructor In Studio or Online
- 5 Hours Self Paced of Official AVID Courseware E-Book
- 5 Hours Self Paced of Training Materials & Exercises
- 1 Hour Exam Session

LENGTH: Suggested length:

5 Training Session Hours with Certified Instructor 

10 Self Paced Training Hours

1 Hour Exam Session



The Pro Tools Production I (PT201) course covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate an Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate system with HD-series hardware in a professional studio environment. This course builds on the Pro Tools Fundamentals I and II series of courses, providing intermediate and advanced-level Pro Tools concepts and techniques. 

Students learn to customize the configuration of Pro Tools | HD Native systems to maximize results and improve recording, editing, and mixing workflows. The hands-on exercises provide experience optimizing system resources, configuring I/O, navigating and color-coding sessions, managing session media, using advanced selection and auditioning techniques, working with clip gain, applying advanced automation techniques, creating submixes and applying parallel processing, advanced mixing and finishing techniques for a final mixdown.

This course provides the foundational training for the Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools | Music and Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools | Post certification exams. 

Candidates wishing to sit either of these certification exams must have firstly passed the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam


This course is designed for end-users with intermediate Pro Tools skills.


Completion of the following courses, or equivalent experience:


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Configure settings to optimize a Pro Tools | Ultimate system with HD-series hardware

  • Customize I/O settings

  • Work with Window Configurations

  • Manage voice allocation and disk allocation options

  • Share tracks for collaboration using a variety of techniques

  • Index volumes for quick searching with a Workspace browser

  • Use advanced selection, nudging, and shifting techniques

  • Use advanced auditioning techniques, including pre-and post-roll auditions

  • Use alternate Edit tools and advanced editing techniques

  • Use clip alignment techniques, such as snap-to-heads, snap-to-tails, and snap-to-sync point

  • Use basic Commands Keyboard Focus mode shortcuts

  • Work with clip gain

  • Use advanced automation functions, including AutoMatch, Manual Write functions, and Write on Stop functions

  • Setup and use AFL and PFL solo modes

  • Use submixing techniques and bus interrogation techniques

  • Work with VCA Master tracks

  • Understand a variety of common mixdown technique